Well he came down from that mountain all ablaze
Cause he'd been there on that mountain 40 days
A thousand miles of dessert blurred his view.
A cloud of fire on the mountain.

Well Moses peered down the mountain from the edge
And the vision filled his mind and eyes with red.
A brother's golden pieces melted down.
Blood and fire from the mountain.

"So Moses busted the slabs of rock he held in his hands
And he went on back down the mountain
The sweat and tears mingling together as he thought back
On all he'd come through,
Sand, scars, and years. So he told the people,"

You gonna drink this water that I give ya
Until your belly’s full with the shame
And I’m gonna strap on my sword, and go back and forth,
And clean up this place again, around the mountain

On the mountain, on the mountain, on the mountain